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All the Whys and Hows of Becoming a Ragic Consulting Partner

By Maurice Lee, Nadya Tan

Eager to take on software development projects to expand your client base? Or perhaps, you're already a heavy user of Ragic, finding satisfaction in building your own databases but craving the opportunity to assist others and earn extra income? Whatever your drive may be, become a Ragic Consulting Partner and start taking on projects!

By becoming a Ragic Consulting Partner, you will be exposed to a wealth of project opportunities, including sheet designing, programming, database maintenance, and customer support. This is a chance to take on projects and earn commissions. Whether you're an experienced developer or a database enthusiast, becoming a Ragic Consulting Partner can offer valuable opportunities for growth and income.

Ragic is a powerful No Code tool that empowers enterprises to digitalize their business processes effortlessly. Despite its intuitive interface that is similar to Excel, Ragic is way more powerful than just a sheet with fields that could be easily modified. Ragic is capable of building a system, enabling data scattered across sheets to interconnect, process to automate, generating a more comprehensive application such as ERP, CRM, HR systems, project management tools, and more.

As much as we encourage our users to build their own system, there has been a growing demand from Ragic's enterprise clients that seek to hire professional consultants to assist in either setting up their database from scratch, optimizing their existing one, integrating APIs, or implementing automation for enhanced efficiency. However, as the developers behind Ragic, our main focus remains on enhancing the Ragic product itself and improving the user experience. Hence, to address these client needs effectively, we're opening up exciting project opportunities for qualified partners to serve these demands.

If you're skilled in programming but new to Ragic, our learning resources in the Ragic Learning Hub can quickly get you up to speed. Then, you can apply to become a Ragic Consulting Partner to start landing side gigs. For seasoned Ragic users, your expertise can provide valuable insights into enterprise user pain points and help design tailored systems or solutions to meet their needs.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits, qualifications, and various partnership opportunities of becoming a Ragic Consulting Partner. If you meet these criteria, don't hesitate—apply now to become our partner and grow with us.

What Are the Benefits?

This Ragic Consulting Partner ecosystem aims to attract partners and developers familiar with various industry processes, providing systematic solutions for enterprise clients. If you're interested, becoming a Ragic Consulting Partner offers the following benefits:

1. Stable Project Opportunities

As a Ragic Consulting Partner, whether you're affiliated with a company or working independently, you'll gain access to a variety of projects through Ragic. When clients request services that match your expertise, you'll be referred to them. This means you can count on a steady stream of projects and reliable earnings, offering an advantage over sourcing projects independently.

2. Consistent Commission

Successful development or support services provided to clients result in stable commission income received quarterly. This provides a more predictable income compared to project-based earnings.

3. Revenue Stream and Brand Exposure from Partner’s Template Design

Turn your familiarity with industry processes into templates that users can use for free or for a fee. By listing your templates in the Ragic Template Library, you can earn revenue and reach a wide audience, boosting your brand visibility.

4. Marketing Opportunities

Ragic's Marketing Team regularly engages with our exceptional partners, showcasing stories of how they've helped businesses with digital transformation and workflow solutions across different industries. If you stand out, you might get the opportunity to be interviewed, and Ragic will promote your brand and share your success story.

What Are the Qualifications and How to Apply?

Individuals (freelancers, part-timers) or organizations (IT services/system integrators, software companies, consulting firms, etc.) are welcome to apply if they meet any of the following criteria:

(1) Familiarity with Java or Javascript, or capable of API integration.

(2) Ability to build and maintain Ragic private servers.

(3) If you don't code or handle server maintenance but are familiar with Ragic, capable of analyzing customer needs and designing Ragic sheets.

The application process is straightforward. Just fill out the Ragic Partner Application Form, and Ragic Team will schedule a meeting to get to know each other better. After the review process, you'll become our partner and gain access to the Partner Center. In the Partner Center, you can create Ragic accounts for your clients or set up permanent free community edition accounts to showcase templates or prototypes to clients.

What Are the Partnership Opportunities and How Are the Commission Rates?

There are several ways to earn revenue as a Ragic Consulting Partner.

1. By referring Ragic: Partners who solely acquire customers, without providing any additional support services, can receive a 10% commission on the calculated customer licensing fees for the first year or until the client changes support service partners, whichever occurs last.

2. By providing support services: After acquiring a customer, you can offer support services. As the primary contact for any customer inquiries or assistance needs, you can earn an additional 10% commission for every payment made by the customer.

When combined, you can earn up to a 20% commission by both acquiring customers and providing support services. Alternatively, you may solely acquire a new client without providing support, or become the designated service partner for a client referred by someone else. Commissions are typically distributed approximately one month after each quarter.

3. By handling database projects: If Ragic refers a user to you for custom project development or you accept projects through Ragic Community, those clients won't count as new clients you've brought in. Instead, you can charge project service fees and annual maintenance fees based on the actual work done, negotiated directly with the client without Ragic's involvement. For clients with custom programs, it's recommended to quote an annual maintenance fee for ongoing support.

Once you've completed custom projects, if the collaboration is successful, you can discuss becoming the client's primary support service partner. If agreed upon, you can charge an additional 10% commission for the support services provided.


1. Boost your visibility and expand your project opportunities by sharing your database design portfolio on the Ragic Community. Showcasing your expertise can attract potential clients and increase your chances of landing gigs!

2. As Ragic respects the autonomy of your partnerships by not intervening in your cooperation with clients, it's essential for you and your clients to establish clear terms. We strongly advise both parties to sign a contract to safeguard your respective rights and interests.

Ragic Developer Program

Ragic Developer Program enables partners to showcase their templates in Ragic Template Library. It's ideal for partners deeply familiar with specific industries who seek to monetize their templates directly. Also, if you possess system design skills but lack the resources to build a customer base, listing your templates in the Ragic Template Library offers access to a broader audience. It's not just a revenue stream but also a platform to promote your services.

By listing your templates, they become visible to all Ragic users. This eliminates the need for costly advertising and allows you to connect with targeted audiences—users who are already utilizing or seeking related systems. Paid templates are sold with authorization codes, so partners can set their own prices and payment methods. Users can then purchase these codes using the contact information provided by partners.

How to Quote for Projects?

When it comes to quoting for projects, it's essential to provide a clear breakdown of potential costs to the client before proceeding with database design and development. If you're new to this gigs, here are some tips to consider:

(1) Break down all potential costs to the client before starting the project. You can itemize these costs and include them in your quote. Some partners also include consultation fees as part of their quotation. For example, the first 30-minute meeting might be free, but subsequent discussions may incur a consultation fee.

(2) Throughout the project, if you discover that your initial quote underestimated the actual requirements, have a conversation with the client. Transparency is key, so be upfront about the time and cost allocated in the initial quote. Any additional work or time beyond the agreed terms should be separately quoted and discussed.

Where Can I Create Database Accounts for My Customers, Inform Ragic of My Successful Cases, and Track Customer Payment Records and Commission Details?

Partner Center is where all partner-related tools and information are integrated.You need to first obtain partner credentials to log in. Here, you can help customers set up database accounts, access relevant documents and resources, report your successful cases, view your current customers, check customer payment records and commission details, set your tax ID, contact address, bank transfer information, and more.

Ragic has also introduced new features to streamline partner-customer collaboration. For example, the cross-database sheet copy tool makes it simple to duplicate sheet designs, all conveniently available within the Partner Center.

How Do I Design Templates and List Them on Ragic Template Library?

Please refer to this document.

What if the Service Falls Short?

If the service doesn't meet customer expectations, they may request a different partner, resulting in the loss of the initial 10% support service commission for the partner. However, if you referred the customer, you will still earn a 10% commission in the first year. Therefore, consistently providing excellent service and fostering strong customer relationships are key to growing commission income.

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