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Enjoying the benefits of going digital...

Consolidating data automatically; Saving time & money

But still can't go 100% paperless?

Hosting “offline” activities; Paper documents & certifications; Sending invoice in paper; Print out invitation cards
Finding a tool that satisfies both your “digital” and “paper-based” needs can be challenging:

Using Excel and Word to manage your data?

"They are convenient for document printing, but it would be too cumbersome to manage and consolidate the files as data size increases over time..." 😰

Just pick a random online form tool?

"Some online form tools indeed work like a charm, but the print format is often unadjustable..." 😭

If only there's a single tool which "merges" the best of both worlds, how amazing would that be?

Meet Ragic-
The solution to your varied needs!

With Ragic's Mail Merge feature, you can generate Word and Excel documents directly from your database- in your customized print format.

Automatically retrieve information from specific fields in your Ragic database to the Word/Excel document with Mail Merge. Download files in batch in one click if needed.

Give it a try!

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