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Get ahead of important deadlines with automated reminders!

Want to give a heads-up of a deadline to the people in charge? Need to automatically send follow-up emails a week after a client order? Easy-peasy!

automated reminder

Easily set and done

Send notifications by merely providing the intended date and recipients!

Send notification

Customize your reminder content

Flexibly customize the content to suit different professions, workflow, level of formality, needs, etc. So no need to worry about sounding like a robot when prompting people to get things done!

Customize reminder

Get notified in various ways!

Choose your preferred form of notification: emails, mobile app pop-ups, or web notifications.

Get notified in various ways

Automatically display most recent events of the week

Your calendar will display all the events on that particular week EVERY DAY. It feels good to have a bird-eye view of your weekly schedule, right?

Automatically display most recent events of the week

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