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Why enterprises choose Ragic over Airtable

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Monthly SubscriptionStarting from $5/userStarting from $12/user
Free Trial 30 days free trial with all features
Number of Field Types?2620
Building Data Relationships?4 features to accommodate all kinds of business requirements. Only 1 feature to build basic relationships.
Online Approval Integration?
Workflow Automation? 4 features to improve operational efficiency and reduce human error.
Reminders?  Built-in   Need to integrate third-party service
User Groups and Role-Based Access Control?
Record-level Access Control
Search and Filter?
Mobile App?
Information Security
Enterprise-Level Security On-premise option available
Learning ResourcesLive chat, documents, webinarsDocuments, webinars
Ragic meets the needs of businesses and is much more affordable.

Built-in approval flow

Start running e-mail approval on any forms.

Built-in approval flow

Automatically retrieving customers' information

No more errors made by manually copying & pasting.

Create a copy of your data to be saved in another sheet

For example, convert a sales order to a delivery note.

Do more with less!

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Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.

Ragic customer list

Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.

Ragic customer list
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